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Super Fast in Frozen Hell With Smart Kite
Welcome to SpeedKiter.com 

 This website is to promote kiting in the Parry Sound area and Alcona as well as bring hard core kiters together to plan and execute kite trip outings.   Coming to you from Alcona, Ontario, Canada.

Here @ speedkiter, We are trying to push velocity thresholds for traction kiting and determine how fast they can truely go.

120km to 140km is a possibility.   

Here are a few, very simple pages with information about where we are what we do …a Photo Gallery of our good times. …. ….A record and trip log page for my speed records, And The CANADIAN KITE SPEED RANK PAGE is open to all …

… Dillon is situated north of Parry Sound off hwy 559 near Killbear Provincial Park where we have some of the best wind conditions and one of the largest kiting areas in Ontario. It is a perfect place to attempt record speed kite runs …. … Email us if you are interested in kiting up here for a change of scenery.

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03/04/12 @ 10:40pm
Stay tuned for an older story, but a new entry entitled "Learning how to fly"
Posted by: Chris Hess

coming soon

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