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Season almost done for some
Posted by: Chris Hess

Well here we are again at the end of another kite season, it was well ...different... with this mild spell and lack of cold temeratures, made it difficult to get out and hit top speeds ...

I have not been close to email allot as of late ... so if you have been emailing me and i have not responded... i will catch up and you will here from me ...


Peace and kite fast ....very very fast ...

1st Annual Ontario Traction kite Sports Festival
Posted by: Chris Hess

Well folks, we had a festival .... got there on the friday to wonderful wind and glorious kiting, Saturday was cancelled , and Sunday, few with Larger kites we able to kite and race ...Nonetheless it was a great time , in a great location, with great kiters... Media attention was incredible, provincial and canada coverage . there was , New VR, The Weather Network, CTV,  ect ect .. . 

Now we are figuring out where the 2nd fest is going to take place for 2008 ... Thank you everyone that was involved and to friends that were unable to make it, next year will be huge ,.... The Ontario Traction Kite Sports Festival...organisers and sponsors thank you.



Ontario Traction Kite Sports Festival(North Bay ) February 3rd and 4th 2007..............Register now!
Posted by: Chris Hess
The date has changed once again due to the poor ...non existent ice and snow ... Saturday & Sunday Feb 3rd and 4th 2007 is the new date ........ Now you can register for the event here: EVENT REGISTRATION PAGE......... secure your place for the race. See who has registered so far. ....see you there Time :Sun up to Sun down Location: North Bay , Ontario Speedkiter.com is hosting the first Annual Kite Sports Festival in North Bay , Ontario Sponsored by www.kiteloft.ca, www.conceptair.com, www.espritropes.com • Come learn how to fly a traction kite from professional teachers. Basic instruction available on Sunday Feb 4th  Call for details and to book Spot. • Freestyle Demo from Mike Lanoe (one of Canada’s top freestyle kiters) • Hot Dogs and Burgs (herbivore and Carnivore) types available cheap ..Free with Registration  • Speed Trials, and course race as well • Prizes to the winners. (harness, )•  For information on this event and to register, contact Chris Hess, Andrew Manwaring @ 705-342-9714 or 705-342-9017 or see www.speedkiter.com for further information.

Coupe Du Quebec/ Quebec Kite Cup
Posted by: Chris Hess
Hey Everyone, I will be attending and competing in this Years Coupe Du Quebec, January 27th 28th 2007. I am looking forward to this event. I am a little nervous about the fact that i have all of Georgian Bay to kite without worries of running into another kite ... Here, i was told you start in a 2 foot by 2 foot square ...this is your space .. ..so one is kiting fairly close to the next kiter ..... Should be a fun learning experience ...

not kite related but ...Official Opening of Music @ Large Recording Facility
Posted by: Chris Hess
Hey Folks, This weekend of the Oct 28th weekend will mark the first offical recording in the new Music @ Large Homestead... Allot of energy went into the development of the building and we have a great space to record live music with a sound tight control room. Fisrt project is a good friend Jay Aymar... recording with Grahan Ketcheson on drums and Steve McDowell on bass ...

Canadian's starting to snow kite very soon
Posted by: Chris Hess
Hello Everybody, Mark Peer from Yellowknife just emailed and told me the lakes are starting to freeze, and his kite gang will be kiting very shortly up there ... Very cool ...We are all Jealous...

Speedkiter @ Laurentian University winter 2007
Posted by: Chris Hess
Speedkiter will be giving kite skiing instruction for Laurentian University this winter in their outdoor program with Jim Little. This is very exciting for us @ speedkiter.com.

5th Annual Lake Simcoe Wind Sports Festival March 3/4 th 2007
Posted by: Chris Hess
Our kite friends to the South will be having their 5th Annual Lake Simcoe Wind Sports Festival on March 3rd and 4th ...Everyone should be there for a fun exciting time ...

Falling In Love and Waitting for the Ice and Snow
Posted by: Chris Hess
Well its mid August and a great summer it has been ... I have met a wonderfull woman that makes my heart skip a beat everytime i am with her. She has inspired me beyond belief and has made me a happier person...not that i wasnt happy ...but i had a hole in my heart and she has filled it with love ... We have a well balanced relationship, both of us able to spend time in prusuit of attaining the goals we have both set out to accomplish individually and together ... .. She is the first thing i think about when i wake, and the last thing i think of when i fall asleep... and I dream of her neadless to say ... I cant wait to pull her around this winter in a pulk, kiting on the bay .... This Winter we will have the first Parry Sound/Dillon Kite Festival 2007 , It will have all the fun stuff one would expect from a kite festival and more ... We will have Kite races, speed and cousres ... Ski Doo towing to the big ice playground... Food ...lots of food .. Beer. wine .. entertainment and hopefully allot of happy kiters .... Details will be posted as we organise the event ...Peace to all and kite on ..... Chris' goal for 2007 is to attain a velocity of 120 KMper Hour ....small kite, big winds, lots of dry snow ... and niceley waxed skis should make this happen ... Hope we have better, more predictable snow and ice than last year ... Peace out ..

Speedkiter @ PArry Sound Green Festival
Posted by: Chris Hess
A bunch of us from Speedkiter will be @ the Green Festival on June 11th 2006 @ the Stockey Centre to promote kiting in the Parry Sound area. Stan and Lenka(WISSA's women's kiting silver medalist) will be there to show off some kites. We will have a great range of Concept Air kites, and perhaps a new secret prototype "the Smart Kite" will be on display for all interested. 19 James, Kindred and others will be performing some great music for you.. See you there ...

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