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The true World Record for person using skis and a traction kite/Vitesse Mondiale pour skie et cerf-volant traction.
Posted by: Chris Hess
Well I have been searching for a while to figure out the real world record for speed using a pair of skis and a traction kite ... According to my searches i have found a fellow Canadian, Andreas Dahl of Pipeline, Alberta as being the current speed holder @ 108 KM per Hour ..67.1 Miles per hour ....if this is accurate ....its a good thing... About 2 years ago, on my first year of kiting, i did reach a speed of 113km Per hour ...according to Garmin, flying a 3.3m in 40-50KM winds without much stress or effort to my body, mind and soul ...i felt quite comfortable .. I did not save that log or keep it unfortunatley ... but bragged to a couple of friends and that was it .. . I have heard of a group of 3 kiters from Quebec, using Concept Air kites, being radar gunned by the police, hitting 134 km(83miles per hour ) ..they were not sure exactly who from the group hit this magical number ..but ... skis off to them ...There are allot of folks that dont realy care about how fast they are going. They find it redundant and only kite for the ride and the journey ...which is fine and dandy .... But i would like to know how fast a person can go on skis ..?.. and hope to be one of them fast crazy Canucks. We have just received our good dumping of snow and are now ready for the high speed runs details to follow ...keep looking at the Calendar for details..... Hope to have a record breaker up here soon as the weather lets one of us ..