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Crazy first flight of the year
Posted by: Chris Hess

It was our first flight of the season, it was Dec 28/09 i was supposed to be working for a full day ,but i managed to get off at noon and fly .The funy thing is that where we set up to fly is right in front of where i work (i work at a marina) so i had to tell the truth to my boss that i was actually going to fly my kite. Luckly she was cool with it. Now the guy i work with didnt let me off so easily he was poking fun of  me all morning, but it was worth it.

So the winds were average, i decided to put up my 6m leader, and i made it about two tacks before i had to tear down, it lifted me and i had no up wind control, no fun, so i walked back inside to get the 4m, and by the time i came back out, it was too windy for that, so i ended up flying the 2.2, and boy if you haven't felt the power of a 2.2 leader from concept air then you should buy one and try, WOW is what i have to say. The winds were about 60 km/hr and very gusty,  i figure i was cliping about 50km/hr not the fastest but fun none the least. Chris was right behind me when he saw me go down i start to twril like a top then the 2.2 lifted me about 15 feet according to chris, and he said it reminded him of those maple keys, you know the ones that you drop from a hieght and they look like mini helicopters. That was me! I made it about 4 rotaions then slammed pretty hard to my side. Once i landed i was laughing, i couldn't see a thing around me i was maybe about 100 feet from the shore and the white outs made everything disapear. I made a tack straight home and packed up and called it a day.

The end.