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First time pass Oak Is. only locals know what that is.
Posted by: Chris Hess

There was 5 of us out flying, One brand new to the sport, 2 with about 2-3 years of flying and two that kinda knew what there doing (Andrew & Chris). We all met at my old cottage, and left from my bay to fly. (There will be pictures of this outing in the photo gallery). Chris was flying his 10.5 smart as always, it really is a good kite, but i still like my 6 m leader when he flys that 10.5, Chris brother was there with his Girlfriend and she was flying a kite for the first time, i love to see new people introduced to the sport, an then  my girlfriend who knows how to buggy, but was on skis for one of the first times, she was making it up wind really good considering the kite she had, and in those winds, thats why she has a nice new 8.5 smart kite on the way, yea!  We tried the buggy but there was too much snow to be able to roll properly, so she switched to the skis, i helped her out a bit untill she started moving and felt comfortable, and then i got my kite up and went and flew with chris. It was not the greastest wind on the inside of the islands and i was kinda bummed that the winds weren't co-operating, then chris yelled at me and said that there was wind out past Oak Is. so we managed to get out there barley, just because the wind would dissapear then appear then gone again, untill we got out past the Island out in to the open, and wow what  great conditions, prefect ice , i mean perfect, not a crack or deviation in it at all, and just an inch of snow, and very consistant wind, i figure we hit about 60km/hr that day.   Check out the pics in the Photogallery .