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Keswick March 5th 2012 Kite Fun, Races and new Russian friends
Posted by: Chris Hess

сегодня быть веселье день. Today was a fun day is what i just wrote .. i hope ... This was an awesome day in kite land .. the winds were up, the surface conditions were great, and the kite community had gatherd. I had just found out that there was going to be kite races this day and i wanted to take part in it ... ive never been in a race ,, the usual kiting i do are with one , or two good friends .. kiting in a huge venue .. loads of room to kite, lines dont cross with anothers kiters lines, ever ... i usualy have kilometres of room to kite with no fear of running into another kiter, skidoo or ice hut ...just open space and kite zen.. Well on this day , i was surounded with more kiters that you can shake a ski at. i was asked what level i kited at? .. ive never been asked this question before ... well i kite .. and .. like to go fast ... i guess ive been kiting for 6-7 years now .. OK  .. you are intermediate . i was told ... ok .. i guess i am ... well i received my little red ribbon so i can be recognised as a kiter in the race ... i lined up with a group of kiters ,, my 10.5m Smart kite way up high as the winds were quite frisky and i felt a little overpowered , but i can handle it ...

we all took off and i made my way behind the pack .. getting what i thought is important .. an upwind advantage .. a little slower , but making progress .. i past the fella in front of me .. allas , im not the last in the pack , once  im past a little.. i bring my kite down into the power zone and vavoom .. im off like  a fire cracker .. i know the kite im using is an awesome kite and Concept Air dont fool around making mediocre foils... i bring in the bar on the de-power kite and i am off .... i get the best upwind advantage and go way past the other kiters tack ..

 i want to make my way with 4 tacks to the upwind marker .. i turn into my first tack and upwind i go now...a little slower of a tack, but progress.. i turn into my second tack .. a cross wind tack once again .. i kick it into high gear .. this is a fast tack ... i am not paying attention to where the other kiters are .. just keeping my stride and trying to make as much upwind progress on the next tack . wow i can make the upwind turn marker .. im close .. the winds are strong and i feel myself slipping away from making that critical turn ... i lean back,, and dig in and make the turn ...  i take a look and see where i am against the rest of the pack .. wow im the first around the mark .. im actualy boat lenghts ahead of the pack as they still have to make their upwind tacks to the marker i just turned.. l  i know now the next tack is a downwind breeze of  tack... I turn and crank in the power of the de-power bar and im a rocket ... power and stability is the key on this tack .. just power thru and lean .. dont loose speed .. always gain momentum ...i cant even see the next marker and just head in the general direction i think its in .. actualy i had used a landmark to make sure i was online without loosing my bering ... im way ahead of the pack that are still fighting upwind .. i am about 3/4 of the way on this tack when the next kiter tunrs the first marker... im about to do a power 180 spin , kick the kite in the oposite direction while im still going full throttle .. i turn and anticipate the marker turn without stopping and wasting any time and or velocity .. i am kicking it on the last leg ...a crosswind tack .. this is fast , but not as fast as the last tack .. i lean way back and i can see the finish marker in the distance by the parking lot of kiters cars on the frozen water of Lake Simcoe .. the last flag/marker is a Russian flag .. i kick it up another notch .. im leaving fire behind my skis on the ice ... i see the flag .. i aim for it .. a few minutes latter i am passing right by the kite marker and slapping the hard wind swept flag with my hand ... i am here .. i am first ... wow .. i am feeling good ...  i look behind and i am way ahead of the gang .. they are still making the second flag marker turn ... my kite worked great, my skis were true ... and my legs held out .. i wait by the finish line and see the photagrapher snap some shots ... i wait ... a little more ...i am overwhelmed that i was first ..  i was determined to make my mark , to prove myself .. i could have been last ,,, i could have failed .. wiped out,  been in the middle of the pack .. average ... i am glad my best friend Andrew was not there .. cause .. i would have been second ....

kiters arrive and Denys , my new Russian friend gets closer to me and says in the best Russian accent .. " you arrre fast ...you are very fast"  

I am speedkiter ...