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It was the 15 &16 of March, and it was just one of those weekends I had to get out of

town. The ice conditions weren’t the best for what we wanted and that was speed. So

Chris and I made plans to go south to Lk. Simcoe. We called Lenka , making our trip a go, she set us up with a place to stay, and cooked us an amazing omelet for breakfast. (Best omelet cook ever!). We set out for Minet’s Point in Kepenfelt bay early so we could kite

all day. There was 1 other kiter and some snow-furs. The winds were up around 30km/hr and gust’s up to 40-45km. I set up the 4m leader and ran my 205 K2 down hills, Chris

was flying the 4.5 smart and running 200 rossingals. Ice conditions were o.k. a bit soft and sticky, hard to make turns, not what we wanted. I clocked 45km distance and top speed

of 55km/hr. At the end of the day we saw something that every kiter dreads, a kite in a

tree and we saw the whole thing, luckily not ours, but we did come to the rescue. Chris

went to the handles and I went up the tree, we untangled the kite and set it free unharmed.




On the 16th was the best day of the season. It was nice and cold over night making the conditions crusty and perfect. The winds were 25-30 km consistent, we were blast the

clash in the parking lot as we were gearing up, putting me in the perfect kiting mood.

This day I used my 6 m leader and ran my 178 dynastar parabolic. Chris was flying the

10.5 smart and 190 atomics. The winds were coming in from the north North West which made it so you could get to big bay point in one tack. By the time I got to the point (13 km from minets point) I looked back for Chris and he was about 2 km behind, if he flew

his 6m leader he would have been with me. I stare at the open space of frozen Lk. Simcoe, I saw land west of my position, and since this was my first time on simcoe I wanted to make my mark. I made the decision to go for the land I saw, I didn’t wait for Chris, I took

off and did not see him for another 6 hrs. no contact at all, I disappeared on him. There

were spots going across the lake that were untouched by sleds, just flat hard crusty snow. There was hardly a cloud in the sky, just the shadow of my kite dancing across the ice.

The winds were so perfect that I could let go of my handles, and spread my arms out to the sides and just feel nothing but the wind on your face, and the power in the kite, no thoughts going through your head at all. Hands down one of the best feeling’s in life. Averaging at 60km hr it didn’t take too long to get to the land I first laid eyes on.

As I got closer I saw some ice fisherman. Not knowing were I was exactly I asked,

it turned out to be Georgina island, aprox 29lm from minets point. (Did I mention I got

there in one tack). I turned back for home destination. On the way back I never saw any

of my tracks from before not really concerned I didn’t think twice of it, I just figured I was headed up wind, boy was I wrong. I got close to the point and saw another kiter, I headed towards him. Coming around that point I noticed I was in the wrong bay completely. I

cursed a bit and had a little bit of stress relief time. The point I ended up at was the north end of Snake Island , 10 km down wind from big bay point. I started my tacks upwind, as I

got closer to the point the winds picked up and got gusty, and as I flew in to kepenfelt bay the wind had changed direction from the west now. The winds were so bad that it would go from kite collapse to full on power, dragging me down wind and taking any progress

away from me. I eventually made it back, I packed my gear up and looked at my gps, total traveled was 75 km and my fastest speed so far 70km/hr.

 Kite season 08/09

So the beginng of the year was really no good, way too much snow on the ice right of the bat, wich made for slushy conditions. But once febuary came it was amazing, I personally love Shear ice conditions, I feel more comfortable on them.

March 11/09

My main goal in kite skiing is to try to go as fast as I can. I know I need a small kite, very very strong winds and perfect ice conditions.Well on this Wednesday it happened. There was wind warnings everywhere, winds 50-70km with gusts up to 90 and more. I had a small 1.8 Beamer my good friend Chris let me use, and it was shear ice, I was running 187 K2 Merlin skis with Pezel Tech ? 8 dollars at the Goodwill ( can you say score).

As I was wanting for my kiting partner Colleen to help me launch and take some pics and vid, my truck was shaking the winds were so strong. You couldnt even here the person beside you talk with out yelling. I almost didn' t fly a sqwall came through, and the wind was even more crazy and you couldnt see 100 feet in front of you.

Luckly as I turned to get back in teh truck I saw a clearing, So I went for it. I was running a GPS but due to mechanical malfuctions I didnt get an accurate reading. I beleive I was hovering around 100 KM/HR This is the fastest I have gone so far. So for an actual reading ill have to wait untill next year and try again my Goal is to hit 120 KM/HR

Islands are A kiters worst nightmare

During the March break I decided to go for a fly by my self in my bay, usually no big deal, but some idiot put an Island in front of me, who would do such a thing.  I should sue them. HAHAHA

So the real story - Theres a fairly small bare rock island in my bay, Its about 40-50 wide and about 500 feet long, I wanted to try to jump the tip of the island, just the tip. So I went for yanked my kite back to get lift, but as iIdid that a nice gust of wind came up, and took me over the island instead of just over the tip. So I braced my self, did a little  down hill skiing down some rocks, then got flipped back wards and smashed my head, then the kite reinflates and drags me across the rest of the island. Very scary and lucky no injurys, I was able to re collect my skis and my thoughts and continue to fly.

Saturday March 21/09

Ive been wanting to fly when The Ice Breaker Samuel Risely comes to town, I heard he was headed in on Sat 21/09, so I called the Coast Gurad to get an arrival time, it was between 9-10 AM,

So I woke up at 6 got ready and arrived at the bay by 7 AM, and waited, un fortunally there was no wind, so I sat and watched the ship go past. I did here it was supposed to be leaving for the Souix by noon. So I went for lunch and warmed up, Went back for noon, and waited, and waited, waited and waited, we finally found out it was leaving at 6 PM, 6 hours late, It was cold and i was exhausted to say the least. So we went and got warmed up again came back for six and it happened, it turned out better than i thought it had.

And thank you to a very special Friend Colleen who waited with me the whole day just so I could get some pictures




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