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About Chris Hess

Chris Hess' Kite Gear

Concept Air Sponsored kiter

Handles with 4 line rig

2.2m Concept Air Leader Se, 4m Leader Concept Air, 4.5m Smart Kite Concept Air, 6m Leader SE Concept Air, 10m Leader SE Concept Air, 10.5m Smart Kite Concept Air. 

Touring Setup:  Koflak Mountaineering boots,Hagan skis, Silveretta Bindings.  

Speed Setup:Garmont Hi Ride Alpine Touring Boots,Head,Dynastar,k2,Rossignol,Atomic,Fisher Price,...many pairs of skis (over 12)  180cm-210cm.

Favourite food:
sushi swimming in wasabi …


rednecks and guns …especially rednecks with guns

Favourite quote from a friend:
Anxiety is a useless emotion“ 

Favourite tunes played on IPOD while attempting speeds of over 100KM per hour :   
Harmonium  calming or Metallica (aggressive) anything in between.

Wilderness Medical Associates:  Basic Life Support Level 1 , First Aid and Anaphylaxis. 

Different kite sizes are used depending on wind, and surface conditions letting the rider reach speeds of over 50 to more than 100km per hour, but you need precise perfect conditions to reach those high speeds. Wind of over 60 km/per hour, crusty snow with a light soft dusting and a crosswind tack can produce the over 100km ski run.
2004 Chris Top Speed 113.3km Per hour

2005 Chris Top Speed 96.4 km Per hour

2006 Chris Top Speed 65.8 KM per hour and logged 611.8 km on GPS odometer ...not fast ...quite some distance ... GPS was off for half of season ... conditions were quite inadequate>

2007  January 20th hit 86.3km per hour ... 99.5km on Odometer in about 2.5 hours ... stopping for a lunch and leg break,  first day out for the season in Cooks Bay , Keswick .. No other top speeds this year due to the poor winter conditions... 

2008 Hit about 65-70km ... not reaching goal ... could not find perfect conditions ...covered over 1000km in mileage.. did not keep good log of outtings due to poor surface ice conditions .

2009 to kite as much as possible and hit over 100km per hour .. 

2010 good outings , no top speeds 

2011 , conditions crap, no kting , conditions good cant kite , 2 really good outings 


























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