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Kite Facts

Kite Fact #1: A kite with numerous air cells is called a traction kite.

Kite Fact #2: It’s amazing how traction kites are being used these days. An oil company is testing out a super large traction style kite (about 150m to 300m or more) launched and deployed from
helium balloons to use on oil tankers. It would save them allot of $$.Good idea, but they should eliminate the need for fossil fuels altogether…and go kiting instead perhaps.

Kite Fact #3: In 1295, kites were introduced to Europe by Marco Polo, an Italian explorer returning
from China.

Kite Fact #4 Smart Kite tm. The ultimate kite is born! 99% D-power, 100% Fun 

See www.conceptair.com   for the SMART KITE , it is the newest revolution in Kite design



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