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Kite Skiing Tips for the happy kiter

1)   To ride in slushy or liquid conditions .... score grooves along the botton of an old pair of downhill skis , this will run the water and you will not create suction to the liquid surface .... a very cool trick ...happy slush riding

 2) Get waxing tips from a friend that is into skate skiing , this will make your kiting experience super fast ... those skate ski folks have their waxing techinique down (make sure you store your skis waxed at the end of the kiting season.    

 3) Use Foam and Duct tape to freeze proof your water bottle, If its cold out and you are going fast, your water is going to freeze qwick.... Never ride with a camelback or other water bag system on your back ... cause when you fall(inevitable)  you will have a very wet suprise....   

 4) For the fastest speed posible use long striaght edge skis, and buy Concept Air Leader line of kites, you wont be disapointed, i garuntee it. Andrew

5) For amazing deals on skis dont be scared to enter Good Will, Value Village, Salvation Army, or any second hand shop, i have found amazing deals, two examples 1- Brand new never been drilled into yet dynastar skis for 10 bucks, and my skis i use on a regular basis my K2 Merlins 178 with bindings hardly used for 8 bucks. Not bad for a pair of skis retail at close to 1200 w/ bindings.


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